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Dark Delight is an immersive installation, a ceremony of senses in absolute darkness through guided meditation, art performance, and a classical piano concert.

We access the collective mind through the singular individual perception of beauty to explore the depths and expression of our inner world.

The music pieces, artwork and opening act are carefully crafted into an organic and unique journey.

This experience is an ultimate apology of the celebration of our inner universe. Through a welcoming tea ceremony and grounding techniques, we immerse ourselves in the Dark to listen to a classical piano live performance. The pieces written by composers such as Beethoven, Debussy, Scriabin and Messiaen are inspired by the different aspects of darkness.

We seek to cater you the discovery of your inner landscape in the comfort of community and ceremony. We lead you through vibration and subtle tangible energies into your microcosmos.

In Dark Delight you are the Art coming to Life. An ongoing alchemical process that ignites your light in the vast space of endless possibilities.

The creators

Daria Fedorchenko is a seasoned pianist and performer with a foot on the conventional classical world and another on the experimental cognitive practices.

With her own label Anima Lab, she researches and applies different ceremonial practices to tailor them for the contemporary social needs.

Because we work with natural vibration, we only perform ceremonies on accoustic upright or grand pianos.

Gerard Musquera is an Amsterdam based visual artist, combining both commercial & artistic sides of 3D for over 6 years, promoting the independent work from all sorts of artists, and collaborating with partners from the music & fashion industry.

Gerard searches in his work artistic expressions of the universal human experience, reframing our sense and limits of perception, synaesthesia, and consciousness, paying a rendition to our psychedelic culture heritage.

‍Co-founder of RPU, a Creative Community focused on the music scene and all its surroundings such as live performances, fashion, painting and cinematic arts.

What People Say

“A profound display of magic”
I have to deeply thank the Dark Delight crew for their willingness and effort embodied in their ceremony.
From start to finish they manifestated the knowledge to guide the senses for a total recreation of the meditative setting.
A journey through the interior of stillness and perception.
The elements used in the ritual were outstanding and served the original purpose.
I am very grateful for the experience and would join the journey again.

C. Ferrera- writer

People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own souls. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.

C. Jung

I would recommend this immersive experience to a broad audience. Dark Delight is much more than only going to a classical concert, a meditation session, or a gallery. This concept not only stimulates the ears with enchanting music but also invites the participants to delve deeper into the mind with moments of introspection. When you open your eyes you start to perceive live visual art too! I do not wish to spoil too much of the ceremony. All I can say is that all the senses will be awakened.

P. van Baarle- photographer and fire performer

For bookings and tickets, contact us below.